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Our premium barefoot shoes offer natural movement and lasting comfort. Designed for long-term well-being, they support foot health with top-quality materials and advanced technology. Step into elegance and wellness with AuraGo™. Thank you for choosing us.

Experience the True Freedom of Movement

Step into the realm of comfort, healthy feet, and an authentic walking journey with AuraGo™ SoleFlex - Barefoot shoes. Embrace the sensation of walking barefoot, all while ensuring optimal protection and support.

Our unique barefoot shoes are meticulously crafted to grant your feet the freedom to breathe and flex, mirroring nature's intent. Enhancing arch strength and flexibility, they seamlessly align your body, fostering natural stability and balance.

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Unmatched Comfort All Day Long

✓ Breathable Comfort: Let your feet breathe, alleviating joint strain and discomfort from neuropathy and arthritis.

✓ Enhanced Circulation: Boost blood flow, reducing fatigue and managing neuropathy symptoms effectively.

✓ Spacious Toe Box: Promote foot dexterity and flexibility with unrestricted toe movement.

✓ Natural Stride: Enhance muscle strength, prevent aches, and aid plantar fasciitis with a natural walking motion.

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All AuraGo products are backed with a 14-day money back guarantee!

Product Quality

All AuraGo products are made with high quality material ensuring you the best experience

Shipping Times

AuraGo orders are fulfilled and then shipped to anywhere in the United States in an average 7-14 days. Other countries will take in an average 7-14 days.

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